How to Buy a Free Domain name in 5 simple steps

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As you have decided to jump into blogging or website creation the first thing to do is buying a domain name.

A domain name is basically the address to your website, it should include your website's name and if possible it's purpose also and then comes the main part i.e the suffix part which includes .com .in .net .online etc, these are the top-level domain name.

Just to give a try and learn something new you should first go for a free domain name and when you master the settings and learn about domain names then you should go for a premium domain name.



So, here I'm with this article, I'll show you how to buy a domain name completely for free valid up to 12 months.

so follow the steps given below to get yourself a free domain name.

Open any free domain name registrar, down here I'm considering here so, follow the steps given below to register a free domain name.

#1. Open website

Visit the Freenom website by entering the URL into your search box or simply click this link to directly visit the website.

#2. Sign-in into the

You can either sign in using your email id or Facebook account. Simply enter your email or click on the email id option, a new window will open which will redirect you to email login.

Follow the above step for Facebook login too.

#3. Search for your domain name

Under the 'services' option select 'register the new domain name'. Here you will need to enter the name you prefer to buy as a domain name.

  • Services
  • Register the new domain name
  • Search a new domain name.

It may be possible that the name you are searching for is already registered by someone else, ok! don't worry you can try something else like combining different words to form a new word or try adding some suffix or prefix or both to the original word. This way you can explore multiple options.

#4. Select a domain name

After searching for your preferred domain name select the suffix/domain name ie .tk, .io, .is etc. You can choose any one of these, but in case you want a premium or top-level domain name then you can choose one of those but you will need to pay for that. So, after selecting the free one, proceed to check out.

#5. Check out

After selecting your domain proceed to checkout, select the term of use, mostly the 1-year term is free of cost but if you choose more than 1-year plan then you will need to pay for that so, better choose the 1-year term of use and proceed to checkout, click on buy.

The Domain name is all yours, now you decide what you have to do with it.

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How to Buy a Free Domain name in 5 simple steps 

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