Adsense: Answers to FAQ

After long-time writing articles and gathering visitors its time for you to turn your passion into profit. 

So, now its time to make some money out of your hard work. Its time to make your dream come true of earning a $1000 online.
  So, what is the easiest and trusted method to do so, yes you are monetize your blog and the best platform to do this is obviously Google Adsense

Now there may be a lot of questions running in your mind regarding this, don't worry I'm going to clarify most of them. 

Let me start answering questions one by one.

So, the first question arises in our mind is,

What is Adsense?

Adsense is a trusted network from google which collects ads from advertisers and distributes it to the website publishers which are members of this program. Each time a visitor views or clicks these ads on the respective website, it earns a commission based on their rate card.

Let me explain,
 basically, Adsense is a platform which acts as a middle man which connects advertisers and publishers to take benefits from the visitors visiting the respective blog or website. In short, all three members of this program are getting the benefit.

The advertiser gets customers, Adsense gets fees and you earn money.

How does Adsense work?

The working is simple, you just have to paste the generated Adsense code between your sites <html> and </html> tag and the relevant ads will show up on your site after a while.

The Adsense code is generated under your publisher's id in your Adsense account after your application is approved.

Each ad unit has a different ad code or script code. You can choose a script for any size and shape from the given options or you can even go for a custom size and choose accordingly.

You can also go for 'auto ads' option, just paste one single code and Adsense will do the rest. It will show relevant ads on relevant space on your blog. You can change the settings to be more precise. 

How much can you earn from Adsense?

Well, there is no limit of earning through Adsense. you can earn from $1 to $10000 per month or even more than that. It solely depends on the ads that are viewed on your site and the region you or your visitors belong from. It also depends on the CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mille).

CPC or Cost per click is the price you will get paid when a visitor clicks the ad viewed on your site. CPM or Cost per mille also called Cost per thousand impressions is the price you will get paid when the ad loads a thousand times on your site.

Each ad has different rate cards, also each ad space has different price.

When to apply for Adsense?

The right time to apply for Adsense is......well! there is no right time for that.

There are a few points you need to consider before applying for this program to get approved :

#1. Post at least 5 unique articles on your blog. 

  •  Post at least 5 unique articles on your blog since you won't get an approval for an empty blog. So, post some useful articles and then go for Adsense.

#2. Include important or legal pages to your blog like Terms and conditions, privacy policy, disclaimer, about us, contact us etc.

  •  Legal pages are important before applying for this program since Google doesn't want advertisers, publishers and the users to face any problem. 

#3. Make sure your blog is easy to navigate.

  • Your blog should be user-friendly, easy to use and simple to navigate. So, don't make your site too complicated that your visitors face difficulty finding your blog's important elements.

#4. Your blog should be mobile friendly

  • Since more and more searches are done via mobile devices Google wants your site to be mobile friendly so that the ads served on your blog can be optimized for the mobile version of your blog too.

#5. Your blog should be getting at least 100 unique views per day.

  • This is not compulsory though but in order to earn decent money from Adsense, you should at least have 100 visitors per day.

#6. Periodically check your traffic sources and make sure your traffic is coming from a genuine source.

  • Adsense wants your visitors should visit your blog from genuine or legal sources and if any suspicious activity of visitors is found out then your Adsense account can be banned.

How to apply for Adsense?

To apply for Adsense follow these points:

#1. Log into your Gmail account.

#2. Visit 

#3. Fill up the signup form by entering your website URL and email account.

#4. Copy the code generated on the screen.

#5. Paste the code in between <head> and </head> tag of your blog and save the HTML code.

#6. Click continue button on the Adsense website.

#7. Wait for the approval.

  • The waiting period for approval of your application can last anywhere between a couple of days to a couple of weeks. If your blog is perfect you can get approval in 1-2 days.

#8. After the successful approval of your form, the ads will run automatically on your website or blog. 
  • You can place the ads anywhere on your website just by pasting the script of the ad given to you.
You will get a confirmation email from the Adsense once your application for the program is approved or disapproved.

Who can apply for Adsense?

Anyone above 18 having a good blog or website or a YouTube channel which follows the terms and conditions of Adsense and doesn't violate the Adsense policies can apply for this program. 
If you have a blog or a website with those legal pages and sufficient unique posts and enough genuine traffic then you can apply for this program.
For YouTube, they have different rules like your channel should have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months.

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Adsense: Answers to FAQ

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