5 steps to find a unique and creative domain name

Choosing a unique and creative domain name out of the ocean of domain names is a very tough part and we can't even skip this step because a domain name is the first impression of your website, blog or your business so, we have to choose it wisely.


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Searching for the perfect domain name is a time-wasting process, and sometimes it's even not worth it. So, to save your precious time we have noted down some really simple steps which will help you out through your journey to find out your unique and creative domain name.

No matter if it's a free domain name or a premium domain name it should look unique a catchy. 

So, there are few simple steps involved in choosing a perfect second-level domain name and down here are the 5 simple steps to find a unique and creative domain name :

#1. Think of what you are giving

So, the first step to find a domain name is to think of what you have to offer or what your blog, website or business is all about. You need to understand which industry your website or business belongs.
for example: if your blog is about health then go for a domain name which includes this keyword like healthandlifestyle.com, healthiswealth.com, healthblog.in

Your area of interest can also be added into the domain name.

#2. Add your region

To be more specific for your audience or if you are just targeting a specific audience of a specific region then you can use the '.in','.us',  '.co.in' or whatever is the respective internet country code of top-level domain, since these domains are usually cheaper and easily available as compared to the '.com' domains on the domain registration sites you can choose one of them.

So, go for these domains if there is a difficulty in finding a '.com' domain for your keyword. Mostly the domain names which include the widely used or easy to remember keywords fall under the category of Premium domain names and hence are more expensive than others.

#3. Add a prefix or suffix or both

If  you may want to stick to that same keyword but it ain't available or there is a possibility that the domain already belongs to someone else or it may be possible that it comes under the Premium domain category which is expensive to buy, so, to give a try you can include some prefix or suffix to your domain name.

for example you can add 'the', 'one', 'top' etc. to your domain as prefix or add 'tips', 'blog', 'zone' etc as suffix. 

#4. Add numbers

You can add some numbers to your domain name in case your preferred domain name isn't available. Choose a number which will make your domain name meaning full. For example, domain name: 'top10healthtips', '10lesson', '101methods', '7ways' etc. as you can see these domains are also catchy and easy to remember so you can give this method a try and try adding some numbers to your domain name.

You can also add some random numbers or you can go for your lucky number.

#5. Add your name

You can try to get a domain name after your real name. It is a simple way to get yourself a perfect domain name since it would be easy to remember for you and your audience. So, search for your name and choose the preferred domain name.

You can choose to select either from your first name, last name or both. It depends on your choice and the availability of the domain name.

#Bonus tip

*So, as you have read until this point, here is a bonus tip for you to find a unique and creative domain name:

#6. Misspell

Now, it may be possible that even after trying all these methods you may not find your unique and creative domain name. So, you can try to misspell your keyword and use it as your domain name.

Those misspelt words are actually catchy and easy to remember and look more unique and creative. Like you can spell 'Life' as 'Lyfe', both are supposed to be pronounced in the same way, however.

You can also use an unreal name which we don't use in our day to day conversations, there are many businesses and companies doing this, the most popular is Google, as you can see it isn't a real word in any way. 

So, explore your creative, let your imagination fly high to find a unique and creative domain name.

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5 steps to find a unique and creative domain name

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