10 easy ways to earn money from a blog

A blog may become an income source for you so, you may be wondering if there is any way for earning money from a blog.

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Bonus tip:

There are various ways by which you can make money from your blog and there is no limit of how much you can earn.

A blog has a huge potential of making money and to do this there are as many ways as you can think so if you have failed to do this using any method then don't get demotivated you can earn a good amount of money from these 10 easy ways of earning money from a blog.

As there are many ways by which you can make money from a blog so, it is not possible to write about each method and hence down here are the 10 easy ways by which you can earn money from a blog:

#1. Adsense

This is the easiest and trusted way of earning money from a blog.

Well, you can make money from your blog by displaying some ads on your blog. This can be done with the help of Adsense.

Adsense is a platform where you can submit your site to be monetized, Adsense collects ads from the advertisers and gives it to the publishers in the form of banners, images or buttons. In short, Adsense is a middle man which connects advertisers and publishers.

On the Adsense platform, you can easily monetize your blog and display ads and also you can choose which ad to display, In addition to that you can also monitor the statics of the system.

You will get paid based on click or impressions. The price of each ad varies from ad to ad or the region from where your visitors belong.

To get started with this you just have to fill a signup form on the Adsense website and submit your site.

  1.  Before applying for this program, consider going through the terms and conditions of Adsense.
  2. Adsense wants your blog to opt-out of other similar programs that are displaying ads on your blog.
  3. You would require a good amount of traffic to make earning from Adsense. 

There are many alternate sites which perform similarly but if you are using this method to earn money then I would recommend you to go for Adsense since it is widely trusted. Adsense is a Google product (Now you can trust it :) ) 

In case you are searching for an alternative then I would suggest you to go with media.net it belongs to Bing and Yahoo network

#2. Sell ad space

This is alternative for Adsense

Rather than collecting ads from Adsense or any other platform (middle man) you can directly collect ads from advertisers and thereby earning more profit by reducing a part of the share.

You can contact the advertisers by visiting their websites to collect scripts of ads from them and display it on your site.

You will get paid directly since there is no middle man, so, you can earn more but it totally depends upon the respective advertiser's rates of advertisements.

Many bloggers use this method to earn money from the blog because it guarantees more profit and trust bond between advertisers and publishers.

But, there are some limitations for this method

  1.  The advertisers want your blog to have a good amount of visitors. In short, only a well-grown blog can go for this method. There is a rare chance that the advertising company will select a blog with a decent amount of traffic. 

#3. Sell subscription

You can earn money by selling subscription of your blog, make a free and premium account for your users (you can make more ex: diamond, platinum etc). 

You can charge for the subscription to the premium account or higher accounts. But, keep in mind that you should give back some valuable services to those account holders so, that they will be ready to pay you for that account and won't face any problem to continue with that account.

  1.  Before adding a subscription plan to your blog you would need to focus on your basic blog and give really useful content so that the visitors will willingly pay you for premium accounts. 

Choose the price for the plans carefully and make sure to keep it reasonable.

#4. Affiliate marketing

Now its time for you to become a middle man and earn a commission. 

Affiliate marketing is by far the most profitable and convenient way to earn money online. In Affiliate marketing, you are supposed to recommend someone a product and if the customer buys it you will earn a part of the profit as a commission.

In short, it's like to refer someone something and get the commission.

Almost all the commercial websites have a referral program for which you can apply and start referring their product to someone and convince them to buy and start earning.

The most popular site for affiliate marketing is Amazon, because of its wide varieties of options to choose from in every category makes it most popular among affiliate marketers choice. The rate or the percentage of customer buying the product from Amazon from the affiliate link is more.

So, go for an eCommerce website for an affiliate program. Since they have a wide range of products for every field it would be simple for you to select from those products and you can also make use of their brand loyalty.

#5. Sell Products or services

Well, you can be your own seller and marketer because you can sell your own products on your blog.

If you have products to sell then your blog would be the best platform to showcase your product and sell it. Your blog has a huge potential to grow your business so, choose your product and display it on your blog followed by its specification and the price, include a payment gateway and get ready to collect the cash.

You can also sell books, ebooks or some online courses on your blog. Make sure that you are selling a genuine product on your blog, this way you will also earn the trust of your visitors because there is something more important than just earning money.

Well if you don't have products to sell then there is an alternate option and that is online services.

If you provide an online tool or service like a translation tool or a calculator or any other higher services then you can charge customers for using the higher version of that tool and this way you can earn some good amount of money.

You can use your blog to do reviews of various products of different brands and for this, you can charge them some amount.

Why would they pay you?....because you have an audience. 

They will pay you for the way you review their product...but, don't rush behind the money and blindly post the fake review, remember that your audience is everything so, don't break their trust.

So, show both the sides of the picture, like advantages and disadvantages.

Before posting any review of any product or service make sure you try them and then write an honest review this way you will be able to write more about that product or service.

#7. Earn by Promoting

Promoting a blog, product or a tool can earn you a decent amount of money. Well, you can promote those small or new blogs on your blog by charging them some money or you can also promote a new product of any brand on your blog.

You can promote a product in the form of images, infographics, video format, script, or article.

You can charge for promoting the articles in the featured post section or any other section. You can charge on the per month basis.

You can also promote some useful tools on the web after charging the owners. You have got the visitors so, grab the opportunity.

#8. Sell media

You can earn money by selling some media on your blog like some photos, pictures, infographics, videos, animations etc. 

You can create some pictures or you can also sell some captured photos.

There are a lot of sites out there on the web making money by this method. You just have to make a collection of photos or other media and display it on your blog or website. Promote it by different means so that your work reaches the right audience and eventually help you grow. 

#9. Sell your skills

As your blog has a good amount of traffic you can give a try to this method. You can sell your freelancing skills on your blog or website rather than joining other freelancing websites. 

If you have skills that you can sell, then you can decide specific hours out of your daily schedule to do this work. You just have to display some sample work on your blog and wait for your visitors to ask you your time. So, take the work from your users and do the project and for this, you can charge them.

The charges should depend upon the skill you are selling, the level of your skills or the quality of your work, type of project and the time required to complete the project, you can also charge them for each extra hour they demand.

Just like other freelancing sites, you can sell any skill like logo designing, drawing, web designing, programming, voice-over, music, animation, VFX, editing, etc.

#10. Earn by linking other's site to your site

Maybe the simplest of all, you can make money by giving backlinks to other sites. You can charge other bloggers to give an anyone of do-follow or no-follow backlinks. Charge for each backlink so that you can make good side cash.

people are willing to buy a backlink for the price as high as $300 or maybe even more. A quality backlink from a high DA website costs even more in case you are thinking to buy one.

  1. Your blog should have a high DA(domain authority) score so sell the backlinks for the higher price since no one is willing to buy a backlink from a low DA site because it's of no use moreover it works as spam from the search bot point of view. 

There are many websites on the internet which helps you to know your blog's DA(domain authority) so, make sure to check it before using this method and if the score is low then you need to work on it a little bit in order to improve it. 

*So, as you have read till this point here is the bonus tip for you to make money from your blog.

#11. Sell your blog 

Well, I'm not kidding. In case you are thinking of shutting down your blog forever, well then you can earn money from a dying blog also.

If you think that you won't be able to manage your blog further then instead of deleting or shutting down your blog you can rather sell it to any other blogger or a buyer so, that you will make money from your blog instead of going in a loss by simply closing it down.

As you have worked hard for your blog since ages but, if somehow it hasn't worked out for you then don't worry you can make money from your work too. Since your blog has a domain name with some domain authority score and also with the existing backlinks then you can actually make a valuation of your blog to sell it because each of them requires cost and time to build so make money from your blog.

Well, you can sell more things from your blog and that are the articles. Your unique and helpfull articles, don't let your hard work go waste, instead use them to make money out of it by selling those articles on freelancing websites.

So, let's wrap it up here and there you are with 

10 easy ways to earn money from a blog.

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