Top 10 ignored but very important SEO tips

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Blogging is trending nowadays, there is a lot of competition in every niche and that's the reason it is getting tough to rank a site on a specific keyword day by day, why rank? get the sufficient traffic and revenue, else your blog won't make any sense.

So, as a newbie its really difficult to understand what goes into the blogging. When I was a newbie it took me time to understand this whole process of creating a blog from scratch till ranking it on a keyword.

Well, all of this is not easy but also not that difficult. 

Many bloggers have  problems while working on the SEO,

seo tips

I'm not going to share SEO guide here but few tips which may affect your blog's growth (of course in a positive way). Basically, this article is going to be 'SEO tips'.

So, as you have thought of blogging, let me tell you some helpful SEO tips which may reduce your problems.

#1. Minimize coding errors

seo tips

Your site is built with the bunch of codes which may have issues if not written or executed correctly i.e there may be some coding errors on your site which you should look after if there ain't any mistakes or very little errors congrats!'s good to go.

But, if there are multiple mistakes then go through the code to search those errors or ask your developer to do that for you. 

Basically, these errors occur due to improper use of tags,  misplacement of widgets, broken scripts etc. These errors have a huge effect on your site's SEO and may potentially harm your SERP rankings and eventually decrease the growth of your site.

#2. Choose the best theme and layout

seo tips

The theme and layout is the body of your site, the way it would look including colour, placement of widgets, elements etc.

So, choose a theme wisely, you may go for those free themes if they are genuine else go for a premium one. For Premium themes, you may need to pay some amount to the respective owners. You can buy a premium theme from any genuine theme seller websites out there.

But, before choosing any theme, read and test the specifications, including:

  •  time taken by the theme to completely load on the screen, i.e the speed of theme.
  •  check its structure or layout, does it fits your sites and users requirement,
  •  check whether the theme is SEO friendly, userfriendly or not. 
  • Choose a theme with no or minimum coding errors.

After choosing a theme set the layouts accordingly, place all the elements properly and in the visible area where user and interact with them and can use it. 

#3. Increase site speed

seo tips

Site speed has a huge impact on your site's ranking on SERP(search engine result page). Site speed is what keep users stick to your site in the first place.

Every additional second it takes to load your site drastically decreases visitors visiting your site, which also contributes to increased bounce rate.

Nothing is more annoying than a site with slow loading speed no matter how good the content is. 

Large images, heavy elements, large HTML file, heavy java scripts and too much of plugins and widgets contribute to the low speed of the site. So, try to work on these.

Check your sites speed on Neil Patel's website. Go to SEO analyzer on the website to analyze your website from various aspects including speed. 

If your site speed is sufficient to run on any device then congrats! else...

Decrease your site speed by following these points:

  • Reduce the size of images on your site. There are many online websites which do this for free so try any on of them to reduce the size of images. You can also use Microsoft paint to reduce image sizes and set accordingly.
  • Compress the HTML file of your website. This can be done by copying the code of your site and submitting it to the sites like HTML compressor. This site reduces or compresses the source code of your site drastically decreasing your sites speed.
  • Combine all the scripts running on your site into one to reduce the code and eventually reduce load time.
  • Use plugins, plugins can be used to reduce load time. There are various free and premium plugins for WordPress users or maybe for other users using any other platform.

#4. Write unique articles

seo tips

Your website is as unique as you so, post some beautiful and unique content on your site. 

Unique content doesn't mean that you have to write something someone has never written or read. You can rewrite on popular topics in your unique way.

Your articles should include in-depth knowledge regarding your title of the article. 

To write an effective article you should consider a few points, these points are also helpful for SEO :
  • Write helpful and unique articles.
  • Include the targetted keywords throughout the article on which you want to rank your article.
  • Reduce grammatical mistakes in your articles because search robots can read your article.
  • Write in-depth articles which cover every aspect of the topic. Make sure your article answers most of the questions of your visitors.
  • Your articles should be readable so keep the size of words readable.

#5. Seo optimized URLs

seo tips

Your websites URL plays a very important role in SEO because search bots can read those URLs.

So, keep your URLs keyword rich and optimize it accordingly so that you can get most out of it. 

Important points for URL optimization:

  • Stick to one domain name and work with it. Older the domain higher will be the domain authority.
  • URL should include the page title with keywords in it so that there is a better chance of ranking that article higher.
  • Try avoiding numbers in the URL, you may include dates but avoid using a random number.
  • Don't use a capital letter in URL it can't be read by bots.
  • Don't use underscore('_') to separate words in URL instead use a dash or hyphen('-').

#6. Backlinks

seo tips

A backlink is a link on other websites pointing to your websites. In short, it is a reference from another website to your website.

How does this help your website, well, it is beneficial for you and your website, a backlink can be placed on other good websites which are already ranking higher on SERP for your preferred keyword and a backlink from that website can help search bots to scroll through that link and trace a path till your website and will help in SEO and this may increase your website ranking on SERP. 

So, focus on building backlinks but, don't simply gather backlinks from any website and increase the number of backlinks, try to get a backlink from trusted and high DA(domain authority) website. A backlink from a high DA website is much more powerful than 1000s of backlinks from low DA websites.

 In a nutshell, focus on quality over quantity.

#7. Internal linking

seo tips

One more thing important in SEO optimization is internal linking. This is as important as backlinking.

 In interlinking, you have to simply link one post to other related posts. So, with the help of interlinking, you can drive the traffic from popular post to your new posts of the less popular posts. This also helps in ranking of those less popular posts.

In interlinking, you just have to paste a link of a post on which you want to drive the traffic throughout the popular post. You can do this for each post. Link each and every article to each other so that each article gets the ranking benefits from the other articles.

But, remember that you don't add links frequently, add a link of another post after 2 to 3 paragraphs.

You can also link your articles through widgets.

#8. User interface

seo tips

The user interface of your website is essential for SEO, The user-interface of the website shows how the visitors of your website interacts with the website.

So, keep your website userfriendly, make sure your visitors don't face problems interacting with your website. Also, keep the important elements of your website in the viewable area so that the users don't face problems while looking for it.

A good user interface also helps in reducing the bounce-back rate. 

#9. Meta tags

seo tips

The text inbound in the red box is called a meta description. The SEO bots or search engine bots can read those and process it accordingly.

As you may have searched for any query on search engines, what comes on the SERPs are the various websites ranking on that keyword, there are links to the articles followed by a little description, that description is a meta description. So, edit your meta description part of your website and articles from the source file or if you are using any website builder, go to settings to change this description.

There are various tags other than the meta description, it includes meta keywords and other tags. So, learn about them and use them wisely.    
Don't change your meta tags often, this may affect the ranking of the website.

This description is important for SEO so, write down the important points in the description in it regarding your blog or article.

It is not much important but doing it is a good practice.

#10. Update your site regularly

seo tips

Be up to date with your site, so that you make sure no one will outrank your website articles. Updating your site includes posting articles regularly in addition to updating previous articles.

Updating the theme or layout of your site after studying your visitor's behaviour on your site. Update your site with the latest algorithms of the search engines.

SEO is important while updating your website so, make sure you consider these points while updating your site.

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So, these are the key points or

Top 10 ignored but very important SEO tips

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