Earn money from 2captcha in 5 simple steps


is a website on the internet which lets you earn money by just filling some captchas.

Yes, you read it right, those annoying things can help you earn money. Captchas are the auto-generated images used to verify or distinguish between human and bot before entering a site or service.

You can earn some decent amount of money from 2captcha by filling captchas correctly.

The things you need before getting started are a desktop or laptop and a good internet connection.

This website provides a captcha bypassing service. This website collects captchas from the user or the people having trouble recognizing captcha images and forwards it to the workers so that they can fill the correct captcha and send it back to the user in the text format.

Here the user pays website some money to do this and the website pays you after deducting its commission.

And this is how you earn money.

The pay ranges from $0.1 to $1 per 1000 correct captchas entered.

Following are the steps to create an account an earn money from 2captcha.

#1. Open the 2captcha website


 Enter URL of the website in the search box or click this ref link 2captcha.com to go to the website directly. 

#2. Create an account


 Open the home page of 2captcha and click on register option to create an account.

To create an account on 2captcha you need an email address. So, keep your information handy and then proceed.

 Enter your preferred email address(used as username) and set the password. Re-enter the password to confirm it.

The account is created.

Always remember the username and password as you are supposed to enter this while logging into your account in the future. So, better note it down somewhere.

#3. Training


 After successfully registering and opening the account the next thing to do is to select the 'i am worker' option or click on the 'start work' option on the top.

Your training will start here. You will have to solve a few sample captcha questions in order to pass the training test. 

The test will consist of different type of captcha questions(normal Captcha + ReCaptcha). 

So, fill the captchas correctly, avoid making any mistake to pass the test.

#4. Start work


 After the successful completion of the test, you will be provided with the workload.

You will see your working interface where you will get the captcha images, you will need to recognize each captcha correctly and fill in the provided box.

One thing should be noted that your speed matters a lot, you should be fast in recognizing and entering the captchas in order to make money fast.

Also, take care that you make no or minimum mistake so that you make sure your account is not suspended.

If there are too many mistakes from your side then it is possible that your account would be banned.

So try to make no or minimum mistakes and this will also increase your reputation points. Accounts with more reputation points are given first priority while checking for suspension cancel from the 2captcha staff.

#5 Withdraw money 


  After a while you may need to withdraw the earned money so, you can do this with some wallet services like WebMoney, Perfect Money, Payeer, AirTm etc.

Choose your preferred wallet from the selected options.

Note that the minimum payout of 2captcha is $0.5 so make sure you are withdrawing more than that.

An important question arises in our mind after reading all this and that is:

Is 2captcha legit or fake?

Well, it does sound fake due to the low earnings but it is genuine, you can not expect of making $1000 a month from this website, so you have to take a note of it.

2captcha has its own advantage and disadvantage so, here are a few points you should consider before jumping into this program:

  •  The earning is no huge but you can make decent money from this.
  • The earning is low, so is the payout. You will make $0.1 to $2 for 1000 correctly entered captchas and the payout is also as low as $0.5.
  • 2captcha is a good option for part-time. You can work anytime from anywhere.
  • Your typing speed should be a little bit fast so that you can earn more money.
  • You should also increase your accuracy so that you make sure that your account is not banned or suspended due to too many mistakes.
  • You can also earn money by referring this website to your friends or family.
  • You should also make sure that your internet speed is high.
  • The price range per 1000 captchas changes according to the workload on the system.

Few points to note down before joining the referral program of 2captcha:

  • There are few conditions before referring 2captcha to someone by your referrer link and i.e you should get genuine referees and not the fake ones.

  • You should not use your link to refer your self and get the commission, your account may get banned for this  

So as you got the answer to how to 

Earn money with 2captcha

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