How to earn money online: 10 easy methods to make a good amount of money.

  Money is an essential thing in our life. Money can buy you power, luxuries and what not. Everyone wants a 6 figure salary and for that, they step out of their home but, if you are too lazy to leave your comfort then online earning is made for you. You can make money online.

So, want to know 

how to earn money online?

Here are the ways to
earn money online

#1. Freelancing

earn money online

  Remember the quote- if you are good at something then never do it for free.

So, follow this and if you are good at something like graphic designing, logo designing, content writing, website development, software development, music etc. then you can try freelancing websites like where you can sell your skills for the price range of $5 to $10k. So, why not give it a try.

Freelancing offers gives you a chance to explore and sell your talent, you can work from anywhere and anytime. You can choose your own working hours and the time duration required to complete the work and according to this, you can also charge some money to the buyer if they ask for your extra time.

 Steps for Freelancing:

  • Sign up and create the a/c on 
  • Select your field of work, you can choose multiple options.
  • Start work and demand less money. First focus on increasing your ratings and not income.
  • Take work from work providers.
  • Earn money.

#2. Affiliate marketing 

earn money online

  Work as an agent, earn money by selling other's products.

If you have a large following of people or friends then you can give a try to affiliate marketing you just have to refer a product to them and earn the commission from the provider.

Affiliate marketing has huge potential among all other earning methods, it can earn you a good amount of money if done properly.

For affiliate marketing you need a platform where you have contact with a large audience, the platform may be a social media platform, a video streaming platform, or a blog/website.

 Steps for Affiliate marketing:

  • Sign up for affiliate marketing on sites like or
  • Shorten the links of the product you want to sell.
  • Paste it on your social media wall, website or directly refer it to your friends and family.
  • When someone will click your link and buy the product then you will get the commission.
  • If someone doesn't buy from your link but checks it but if within 24 hours the same person buys that product from the website then you will still get the commission.
  • Earn money.

#3. Blogging

earn money online

  If you love to write articles regarding any field or niche then blogging is perfect for you.

Create a blog for a popular or widely searched niche, work on it, publish articles, target the audience and monetize your blog to make money from it.

 If you have a pc and good access to the internet then you can make your own website and post articles on it.

 Steps for  Blogging:

  • Buy a domain (prefer .com and .in domains).
  • Buy a hosting or you can try a free hosting website like
  • Select a topic for your blog and name your blog accordingly.
  • Post the quality articles regarding the topic, regularly.
  • Share your blog and rank your blog on search pages.
  • Apply for Adsense and attach ads on your blog.
  • Earn money.

    #4. Youtube

    earn money online

      If you have a smartphone with a camera and a mic and have an idea regarding any field and can explain it visually to anyone, then Youtube is for you.

    We all are aware of what Youtube is all about, so, if you have any interest in creating video content then go for it.

    You can make a channel on Youtube and it is absolutely free. Create some unique, interesting and informative videos and publish it on your channel, as your channel will get a good number of views you can apply for Adsense program to monetize your channel so that ads are implemented during your videos and you can earn money.

     Steps for Youtube:

    • Sign in to your email a/c and open
    • Choose a unique name for your channel.
    • Create video contents and upload it on your channel regularly.
    • Attract the audience with the help of social media.
    • Signup for Adsense and monetize your ads.
    • Earn money

      earn money online

        The paid review can earn you a lot of money, you can try it on the Youtube channel or your website.

      If you have a good audience then you can review some products. But, remember that you should only review trusted products and always a do an honest review by showing both sides of the picture (i.e pros and cons) so, that you can grow trust among your audience and eventually help you grow and make you money.

       Steps for Paid review:

      • You can contact any company or brand to sponsor you.
      • First, check the product and try it yourself.
      • Do the reviews on your blog or channel.
      • Show both sides of the picture.
      • Do the detailed review.
      • Earn money.  

      #6. Sell Domains

      earn money online

        You can simply sell domains and earn money, domain is a necessary thing to run a website, it is the address for your website and therefore the website owners tend to buy a unique domain name for their websites and are willing to pay you a high amount of money if you have already purchased the unique domain name related to their website.

      So, go and search for some unique and popular keywords and buy it before someone else does and then auction it on the domain registration site.

      The price of your domain will be calculated according to the number of searches for that particular keyword included in your domain name. It can range from $10 to $100000 or more. So, go for the best one. 

       Steps for Selling domain:

      • Open any domain registration site ex: etc.
      • Search for a unique and popular keyword.
      • After finding a keyword choose the domain ex .com,, .in etc. 
      • Buy the domain and register it.
      • Register it for reselling or just publicize it and mark it for sale.
      • Share your contact details on your site.
      • wait for the website owners to contact you.
      • Earn money.

      #7. Online surveys

      earn money online

        You can do online surveys and earn money. You just have to answer a few questions. The questions are of multiple choice. You may just need to click yes or no or maybe choose from multiple options.

      A single survey is for 2-10 mins, this means you don't waste too much time.

      You can get $1-$20 paid for each survey, the price varies from survey to survey and it isn't the same always and each survey has its own eligibility criteria so, keep a note of it.

       Steps for  Online survey:

      • Create an account on sites like
      • Fill in all your details.
      • Fill your banking details.
      • Take various surveys.
      • Earn money

      #8. Fill captchas

      earn money online

       Yes, you read it right, those annoying things can earn you money. Captchas are some images used by the computer systems to verify that the user is a human and not a bot. There are many sites which help the user to bypass these captchas on the website and they pay you to help their users identify the image.

       They pay $0.1 to $1 for 1000 correct captchas entered. Well, this not too much money but you can earn more with their various programs.

      Steps for Filling captchas :

      • Create an account as a worker on sites like
      • Fill up the registration form.
      • Follow the instructions.
      • Complete the work.
      • Earn money.

      Read the in-depth article:  Earn money from 2captcha.

      #9. PTC

      earn money online

      Are you frustrated because of those ads?...well this is because you see no profit there. But you can actually earn profit by viewing some advertisements on some PTC(paid to click) sites. They pay you for each ad click from your side. 

      These sites collect ads from the advertisers and send it to your account so, that you can see those ads and earn money.

      The pay ranges from $0.001 to $0.01 for each ad. The pay may vary, it can increase according to the respective membership you have on that particular site.

      Steps for PTC :

      • Open an account on websites like
      • Complete the registration.
      • Select the preferred settings.
      • Start viewing ads, you can also fill surveys and a lot of other things.
      • Earn money.

      #10. Sell products and services

      earn money online

      You can make a good amount of money by following this method if you have a product or any valuable online service to sell then you can sell it on the web. The Internet has a huge number of customers who are willing to buy your product and services. 

      So, to start selling your product or service you need a platform that you can trust and has a large number of audience/visitors, for example, you can consider some eCommerce websites like Amazon or Flipkart. These two platforms are good to start with and are easy to use. 

      You can also use other platforms or to make it more simple and profitable you can use your own platforms like a blog or a website.

      Steps for selling product and services:

      • Create an account on the eCommerce websites like Amazon or Flipkart or just go with your own platforms.
      • Display the product or service with its features on these platforms.
      • Display the price/cost of the product or service.
      • For your own platforms, you need to use an interface to take orders and payments from the customers.
      • Complete those orders.
      • Earn money

      *Also, remember that none of these methods guarantees that you would start earning $1000 overnight. Each method requires hard work and patience from your side.
      So, best of luck.

      We will keep updating the list.

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