How to create a website

  Everything is getting online nowadays, so why are you left behind, learn,

how to make website.

website is a collection of all your work under a unique address(domain name). A powerful website can influence people and let you grow your business. A website can be built for documentation and representation purpose.

There a lot of things you can do with your website, you can provide information regarding your business or work, you can grow your audience

So, down here are some key steps to make your own powerful website.

#1. Buy a domain


  Every home has a unique address and hence people are able to point out their own home. Likewise, your unique website also needs a unique address also called a domain name. A domain name works as a brand name for your website.

 Therefore buy a unique domain name that is suitable or related to your company name or if you are planning to make a blog then choose a unique domain name related to the topic of your blog.

 Steps to Buy a domain:

  • Visit domain registration sites like or
  • Enter the name you want to purchase.
  • Select domain ex .com,, .org etc.
  • Check it's availability.
  • If it is available then select the name and proceed to check out.
  • If not then try a different combination of words and check the availability.
  • Select the term of use (1 year,2 years etc).
  • Make payment and the domain is all yours.

*You will have to renew your domain after the selected term.

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#2. Buy hosting


  Now as you have bought your self a domain name it's time to buy a hosting. Hosting is a service provided by the companies in which your website data is stored on a server to access it any time.

 Many domain companies itself provide the hosting also, so, while buying the domain name you can select the hosting service at the same time and check out and pay for both services at the same time. You may get some special discount for that.

 Steps: To buy hosting:

  • Open hosting websites like or
  • Signup and create your own account.
  • Select options from shared hosting, VPN hosting or dedicated hosting.
  • Select plans.
  • Check out.
  • Make a payment.

 *You can try free web hosting services like, it's a Google service. You just have to create an account and the hosting is ready. It's a good option when your website is new and in the developing phase.

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#3. Connect hosting with the domain name


  After following step 1 and step 2 now its time to step 3, connect your domain name with the hosting. This step is most important and maybe little complicated for beginners.

 It is essential to connect your website to the domain name so that, users can correctly end up on your website, so, connect right address with the right location.

 Steps to Connect hosting with the domain name:

  • Login to your account on hosting site.
  • At the same time log in to your domain registration account on the respective site.
  • Open the DNS setting on the domain account.
  • Copy the hosting address from hosting account and paste it under the DNS setting in the domain account.
  • Copy its IP address if necessary and paste it under DNS settings.
  • The connection may take 15mins to an hour.
  • Done
*The settings may vary from site to site, therefore read help guide before doing connections. If the connection is taking more time contact customer support.

#4. Site settings


  Site settings are the most important thing to do before proceeding, site settings allow search engines to understand more about your site.

 Steps for Site settings:

  • Change HTTP(hypertext transfer protocol) to https(hypertext transfer protocol secure).
  • Select redirections. ex: select redirection to
  • Add robots.txt.
  • Add sitemap. 
*Site settings are very important to rank your website on search engines, so do it carefully.

#5. Customize your site


  Customization of your site includes editing of themes, editing layout, editing of visual interface etc.
Hence it is important.

Site customization can be done in two ways, one is to edit HTML code include front end and back end, and another way is to just edit ready-made HTML code by the visual interface, this can be done with the help of website builders like blogger or WordPress.

 Steps to Customize your site:

  • Edit the HTML code as per the requirements.
  • If you are using a website builder, then the customization options are given on the panel or dashboard.
  • Select an SEO friendly and fast loading theme from the library of the website builder.
  • Change the layout from the layout option so that your site becomes more user-friendly.
  • Change theme colour and choose the colour which suits your site the best.
  • Adjust the width of your site and make it look more good.
*Site customization is very important to keep your users engaged.

And.....launch your website.


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