5 simple steps to buy a Premium Domain Name

  Everyone has a unique name which in short creates an identity for the individual, similarly, a website or a blog needs a unique identity called a domain name.

The domain name specifies the name as well as address of your website on the internet so that your customers reach the right destiny.


A unique domain name can be used to make a brand out of it or vice-versa. A domain name is useful in various ways, like to create a blog, to create an email, to sell it at a higher price in an auction.

# Types of domains:

So, before proceeding towards the steps let us first clarify the types of domain names or types of domain name extensions so, that you will have an idea for which domain you should go for. 
   There are various types of domain extensions, down here are the most common and top-level domain names/extensions:

  1. '.com': short for commercial, is the most popular domain extension used by commercial means, businesses, blogs, emails etc. 
  2. '.net': short for network, is used by the institutions involved in network technologies. 
  3. '.gov': short for government, is used by websites or blogs related to government organisations. Government organisations of any country can use '.gov' extension followed by the country level domain to be more region-specific. 
  4. '.edu': short for education, is used by educational institutions for various purposes. '.edu' can also be used with the country level domain.
  5. '.org': short for the organization, is used by organizations, mainly private organizations.
  6. Country-level top domain names: A specific domain extension is assigned to each country to specify the geo-targeting ex: '.in' is for India, '.us' is for the USA, '.uk' is for the united kingdom.

so, there are more domain extensions other than those listed here but these were the most popular or also called as top-level domain names/extensions or Premium domain name.

You can choose any one of them but if you are buying a domain name for commercial purpose or for your business website or a personal blog then I would suggest you to go for the '.com' domain or the respective country-level domain name.

You can also opt for a free domain name to do all the above tasks.

Steps to, buy a domain name:

So, here are the steps to buy a domain name.

#1. Open the registrars

domain name

  Open the domain name providing/registration sites, most popular sites are go-daddy and big-rock. you can give them a try or can choose any other providers, there are a lot of options on the web.

  Some of these domain name providing sites can be limited to few domains like .net, .in or .co, so open at least two domain sites for your own convenience and to cross-check the selected domain and also to compare the prices.

#2. Create an account

domain name

  Create an account on the domain name registration site. You can create an account using your email id, mobile number or Facebook id.

    Choose a username as per your choice and set a password. Choose a simple and easy to remember username as well as password.

  In case you forgot the username or password whenever logging in, then don't worry because you can reset them by using your email id or mobile number hence provide them with your relevant and correct details.

This account is very useful in further set up of your domain name.

#3. Search for a domain name

domain name

  On the home page of the domain registration site enter your preferred name that you want as a domain name, search for the availability.

  If the name is available then select the postfix that is the end part (ex: .com, .net). this is the main part of buying a domain name. Check the availability.

You can choose multiple domains at a time. 

 If the domain name is available then skip to step 4).

* If the domain name is not available then it's possibly already taken by someone else. So, try combining words and different phrase or try searching for another name.
 But, if you still want the same domain name then try searching for the owner of the domain name, there is a possibility that the domain owner wants to sell that domain.
 This can be done by visiting the website connected to the respective domain name by entering the address in the URL and searching for the contact address, or the domain registration site itself provides a facility to contact the domain owner(but, the sites charge you for this facility).

#4. Buy the domain

domain name

  As you have chosen your preferred domain name now its time to check out. Select your domain and go to the cart select the option to check out and the site will redirect you to the billing desk.

  Select the period of use(ex: 1 year, 2 years, 10 years) as per your choice. The price of the domain name varies with the period of use. Select the billing options. You can choose other options/services provided with the domain name like domain privacy or other services.

Pay the bill and the domain name is all yours.

But, do remember to renew the domain name before the expiry of your chosen period of use if you want to use it further else you would lose your domain name.

#5. Setting up the domain

domain name

  You can set the domain and connect with the hosting platform of your website so that your website gets the address.

You can do this by visiting the setting option on the dashboard followed by DNS settings. Enter the address of the hosting including IP address, under the CNAME and @ category and its done.

Your website is ready with the new address.

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